The Bridge (Lytham Road)

The Bridge

Walking in the old bridge you’ll probably just think it’s the same as most of the other pubs we’ve visited…. and you’d probably be right in the main, this one is in a very similar vein to The Dog and Partridge, The Bull and the Excelsior at face value – popular with locals and tourists alike, pool table, darts and some barmcakes / muffins / rolls / we give up… behind the bar however, this pub has a selling point the others don’t, the back of the pub opens to a show area with a stage and on an evening during the season often puts on entertainment which proves really popular……. though probably not one to consider for a pub run tbh.

…but other than that….. not much more we can tell you, typical Blackpool boozer and the penultimate one on this particular pub run and to end we take you to one building which is really two venues, about a 4 minute walk down Lytham Road and off to your right just before the sea is the …………

The Happy Scot (Tildsley Road)

The Happy Scot

The Happy Scot (used to be called the Crazy Scot… not sure why the name change) is run by a local guy from Scotland (you may have guessed) called Hamish. This Bar always feels a bit dark when you walk in but the staff and owner are very welcoming. This one like most we’ve featured, is a wet pub, though like a couple of others, does have a few sandwiches (we’ll call them that to avoid debate) behind the bar and your usual fodder of nuts / crisps etc.

This bar can get pretty loud, it’s just off the promenade and is popular with tourists and Scottish ones particularly 😉 but as mentioned, does have a reasonable local following and stays open very late (we’re thinking 3 or 4 from memory so if you’re staying close…. keep it in mind for last drinks of the night). The bar often has a DJ on with pretty loud music which makes it a decent one to end a pub crawl on we think….. you’ll be all talked out by then 🙂 ….or if not and you want to carry on, we’ve done a YouTube vid which picks up from the Manchester pub (less than 2 minutes away) and takes in another 8 pubs, all within easy walking distance from the Happy Scot.

Check it out….

The End…..?

We do hope you’ve enjoyed reading our views on a selection of pubs in South Shore and that it’s inspired you to visit and perhaps take in a few when the next opportunity presents itself.

What else would you like covered in terms of the pub? Prices maybe or ages of clientele?

Our next Blog is following the pub run in the video above, taking in some of the very popular pubs around the Central / Foxhall are of the town, please follow us on social media and subscribe on YouTube to follow our latest.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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