The Best Blackpool Town Centre Pub Run? (Talbot/Topping Street)

Blackpool Town centre has a plethora of pubs to choose from to do a pub run, with the Town Centre being fairly small, there’s loads within easy walking distance of each other and a multitude of possible pub runs you could do (hence calling out the main roads hosting the pubs for this run).

For this BLOG we start at the back end of town, just up from the Winter Gardens, and then take in 8 additional pubs ending at Talbot Square, bang opposite North Pier, where if you can carry on, there’s plenty more pubs to take in (…indeed, a BLOG will probably follow this one suggesting the next route if you give us a like / follow on social media 🙂

In this BLOG, we’re taking in a decent variety of pubs in terms of local / tourist clientele and general atmosphere, we’re avoiding the mainstream ‘party’ pubs you’d find along Queens Street, but be warned, some of the pubs we’re taking you in do get verrryyyy busy so be prepared to have to wait, especially in the evening……. but usually, you’ll be fine.

The starting point of our pub run is located just near the Winter Gardens, so should be easy to find as a meeting point and whilst has had various names over the years, is currently called……….

1. The Brew Room.

Brew room - Blackpool Pub Run
The Brew Room

137 Church St, Blackpool FY1 3NU

The Brew Room has a lot of history to it, you could write a BLOG on it alone (which gives us an idea actually…. but lets park that for now) 🙂 but in summary, is an independently owned pub which hosts an on site brewery.

The pub is actually the location where Blackpool Football Club was formed and hosts real fires, real ales and real people…… along with some pretty decent bar food (hot dogs are decent). The pub is versatile, it’s as good for groups as it is for couples or families (It’s included in another one of our BLOGs – Top Family Friendly Pubs in Blackpool), and has a very welcoming atmosphere yet doesn’t have that ‘local pub for local people’ type feel it could quite easily get.

Previous names for the pub have been ‘The Stanley Arms’ and ‘The Blue Room’ but a few years ago was taken over by a local family who have done a great job with the place and given it its current name, The Brew Room.

As mentioned, the pub hosts an on site brewery so is a destination pub for your real ale drinkers but has such a wide selection, even if you’re a ‘die hard Carling’ fan, you’ll be able to find something that you like (we suggest Wonky Donkey as a decent shout, not over bearing flavour wise), we’d suggest sinking a pint with something light to eat to set you up for the next pub……….

2. The Townsman

Pub run - the townsman
The Townsman

96 Topping St, Blackpool FY1 3AD

The Townsman is a relative newcomer compared to a lot of pubs in Blackpool being established in 2010, it’s more a locals haunt than tourists and has been reincarnated a couple of time from Irish pub to what you find presently.

The pub boast a lovely beer garden out back and regular entertainment however, in terms of a pub run, it’s a reasonable size, service at the bars pretty good and they have all the ‘usual suspects’ on in terms of beers and spirits. The pubs a ‘wet’ pub and doesn’t do food other than the standard nuts and crisps etc but being town centre, that’s not a problem, there’s loads of places to grab something quick or slow in the centre. Not much else to add on this one, just your ‘run of the mill’ boozer with a fab beer garden however the next stop, has a bit more variety on offer………………

3. Champs Sports Bar

Champs - Blackpool Pub Run
Champs Sports Bar

89 Topping St, Blackpool FY1 3AA

Owned by the same guy who owns the Ma Kellys in town, Champs Sports bar is a fab sports bar, offering sport on numerous televisions, sports memorabilia on the walls and a pool table and darts board downstairs. Up stairs there’s a couple of snooker tables along with a bit of a balcony where people can smoke. This is a wet pub but still serves the standard fayre you’d expect from any pub (nuts and the like), prices are reasonable and service, like all Ma Kellys, is pretty good.

Bit of history…. this pub used to be called Gillespies and was pretty popular, with goths at one time if memory serves us right but what does stick in the mind was before being opened as Champs, the bar was due to reopen as Gillespies but a lady helping to get the premises ready was murdered upstairs, which led to it closing down for a fair while before being reopened as the sports bar it is now…… and on that happy note…… lets head to the next bar, which is straight over the road………..

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