4. Churchills


83 Topping St, Blackpool FY1 3AF

Churchills is based along the same road at the Townsman and Champs Sports bar; Topping Street. It’s a great little boozer which is our first of this pub run to host regular Karaoke…. and we mean regular, many a time we’ve past by on an afternoon to hear a hit from the 60s being belted out, it’s not unfair to suggest many of the singers aren’t exactly ‘professionals’ …. to put it mildly, but what they often lack in talent, they often make up for in volume and energy! The pub is a fun pub to be in with friendly staff and tbh, equally friendly punters with a mix of mainly local but also a reasonable tourist crowd. Like most we feature, this pub is a ‘wet’ pub with no main menu on but does offer Bar snacks, but there are a couple of restaurants along Topping Street (we’d recommend Hungarians) or there’s a chippy with a fab reputation (Yorkshire Fisheries) along the Street too if you’re hungry, else you could grab something in our next pub……….

5. The Washington.

The Washington

Topping St, Blackpool FY1 3AF

The Washington is a very popular pub, once upon at time was a popular starting point for the town’s students before heading into town to some of the ‘more lively’ pubs however today, is a bit calmer and the staunch student following has moved elsewhere.

The pub is a Greene King pub so if you know that chain, you’ll know what to expect. Standard beers on with a few guest ales, cheap and cheerful menu and sports on the big screen. It’s a safe pair of hands, consistent and predictable. It does sport a pool table and dart board in a slightly segregated area if you fancy a game of killer and the area is free but besides that……. not that much to call out, standard boozer unlike our next one………….

6. Ma Kellys North

Ma Kellys (North)

77 Talbot Rd, Blackpool FY1 1LL

If you’ve read any of our other pub run BLOGS, Ma Kellys needs no introduction, if you’ve been out drinking in Blackpool, you’ll most likely have popped in a Ma Kellys for a little ‘Blackpool’ feeling. The pubs are massively popular and rightly so, 7 acts alternate between the Ma Kelly (Showboat), Ma Kelly (North), Ma Kelly (Central) and Ma Kelly (South) – featured in out ‘South shore pub run BLOG‘, 7 Days a week. They also feature DJs and karaoke in-between acts so you can continue to hit the dance floor (yes, they have a dance floor) at 1pm on a Monday afternoon 😉

Pub run wise, they’re ideal for a bit of letting your hair down, letting loose and maybe a little flirting for those that way disposed. Decent service at the bar (as with all Ma Kellys) and a very welcoming, non clique atmosphere works really well. Located close to Blackpool North Station, the ideal place to stop off for a pint after getting off the train on your way to the hotel 🙂 ….well, either here or perhaps somewhere a bit less ‘commercial’? How about the……………

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