Top 5 Blackpool karaoke bars

Come on, everyone loves Blackpool Karaoke Bars don’t they?? Even if not doing it, it can be such fun to watch the good, the bad and the down right terrible take to the stage and belt out ‘I did it my way’ ….but where in Blackpool are the best places to go to make a bit of Karaoke a part of your trip?

Well, in this BLOG we’ll tell you the places we think are the most fun to visit for Karaoke Blackpool, not because they’re the poshest or have the nicest surroundings, but the ones that have a regular stream of singers so you either experience the fun and atmosphere quietly in the background ……or partake yourself with no pressure (well, not much anyway!)!!

So…. in no particular order………

Gaietys Blackpool Karaoke bar


Situated central promenade, on the main stag and hen strip, Gaietys is a favourite with, well, stag and hen dos! Any time of the day you can pop in and there’ll be a queue of people with their names down eager to get on stage to show off their talents (or not).

Gaietys is good for a couple of reasons, firstly, it’s a big space so if there’s a lot of you, you can be accommodated (which can’t be said about many of the others) and secondly, because it’s mainly a tourist venue, you don’t get the ‘local’ clique you can get in a lot of places where you get regular ‘karaoke-rs’ taking things very seriously.

Clientele that tend to frequent Gaietys are your standard stereotypical stag and hen dos, there will always be exceptions but average age we’d put early 30s.

Churchills Pub Blackpool


In terms of Blackpool Karaoke Bars, Churchills is a world away from Gaietys, having more a ‘locals’ feel to it (though we know it is very popular with tourists, some come especially!!) Churchills is a town centre ‘spit and saw dust’ type boozer.

Not really one for the stag and hens, more for groups and couples with grown up kids that can get away for the weekend. The pub does have regular clientele which works well tbh, it provides a steady stream of singers to balance out the fluctuating number of tourist visitors (Blackpool tends to be quiet during the day Monday and Friday as they’re known locally as ‘change over days’).

For a good honest boozer with character, Churchills is a safe bet and we’ve been loads of times and always feel welcome……. you certainly get some ‘characters’ in there so a good one if you like to sit back, listen and people watch.

Lifeboat Inn
Lifeboat Inn


Whilst it’s a much smaller venue than all the others in the BLOG, as the saying goes, good things come in small packages and the lifeboat inn is indeed, very good. Located pretty close to Gaietys on Foxhall Road (come out of the back of Gaiteys and turn left if you’re doing a Karaoke crawl!!) the Lifeboat Inn is a fun venue with Karaoke on throughout the day during the season with regular singers doing turns and a lot of smiling faces. Not really one for your stag and hen dos, this venue is more likely to be visited by visitors to the town who want somewhere to base themselves, have a bit of chatter and some entertainment whilst downing a relaxed couple (or more).

Knobbys Blackpool Karaoke bar


If you’re hitting the town in a group, then Knobbys is an ideal location for you to sing your heart out. Geared mainly towards the tourist crowd and stag / hen parties, Knobbys is what you’d describe as a ‘fun pub’, not the type you’d pick to pop in for a quiet pint, lets put it that way, but it showcases what Blackpool is all about, fun!!! Knobbys is a destination pub for the stag and hen do / group crowd and caters well for them, if you were in town on a jolly boys outing or similar, we’d definitely add ‘Knobbys‘ to our Hitlist!!

Blackpool karaoke bar Nellie Deans
Nellie Deans

Nellie Deans

The last Blackpool Karaoke bar on our list, though by all means not least, is Nellie Deans. Located just a few minute walk north up the promenade from the Tower, Nellie Deans is a magnet for hard-core Karaoke fans attracting a mix of locals and tourists alike. The venue is a large one and has a range of ages amongst it’s clientele but can often be found with a bias towards 30 plus who use the bar as a ‘staging post’ before heading back down the road to Soul Suite on Queens Street. Queues to get up and sign in Nellie Deans can be quite hefty, so make sure you get there early!!!

And that’s it, what we consider the best Karaoke bars in Blackpool. Which is your favourite and can you think of any we’ve missed? (would you call Ma Kellys karaoke bars?). As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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  1. There are other pubs/bars that show football then have karaoke afterwards, like The Frenchman’s cove on South king street

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