5 Top ‘Couples’ Blackpool Bars.

Blackpool has oodles of ‘spit and sawdust’ type pubs stretching all the way from North Shore to South shore. In Blackpool, historically demand has been geared towards ‘cheap and cheerful’ pubs to cater for the stag and hen trade. These pubs have been more interested in volumes and keeping costs down rather than the quality of the experience they provide, however, in recent years, that tide has begun to turn.

A number of new Blackpool bars opening and refurbishments are taking place to cater for the changing demographic of Blackpool pub goers (or should we be so bold as to call them ‘bar’ goers) ;-), which is no longer dependent on stag and hen dos but more families, couples and friends on ‘lower key’ nights out not looking to (just) get wasted!!

In this blog we pick what we consider to be the top ‘couples’ Blackpool bars (be warned, some have the price tag to match!!).

First up…. though, these are in no particular order, we have a chain brand a lot of readers will be familiar with………..

The Slug and Lettuce.

Address: 8-14 Queen Street, Blackpool. FY1 1PD.

Brewery: Stonegate

Web: https://www.slugandlettuce.co.uk/blackpool

The Slug and Lettuce Queens Street.
Slug & Lettuce

The Slug and Lettuce is a reasonable ‘all rounder’ of bars. It’s good for groups, couples and to an extent, families (we say to an extent as whilst children are allowed in, it doesn’t feel like a place they’re really welcomed by management, more ‘condoned’, which of course is good for a ‘couples bar’). They serve decent food, a range of beers and some pretty good cocktails.

The pub is located on Queens Street with which you may be familiar, it’s the main drag in Blackpool with a lot of party style pubs and bars along it…. but don’t let that put you off, the pub is comfortable, spacious and flexible in terms of having a couple of quiet drinks or if you fancy letting you hair down a bit more of a party.

At busy times service at the bar can be lacklustre but a lot of that has to be put down to time taken preparing cocktails. The bar was refurbished about 3 years back to a high standard, providing some excellent spots to take some photos for the gram or whatever and secluded areas to sit as a group or in couples for a bit of privacy.

The Beach House.

Address: Festival House, Promenade. Blackpool. FY1 1AP

Brewery: Independent

Web: https://www.beachhouseblackpool.co.uk

The Beach House, promenade,
The Beach House

If you’ve read a few of our BLOGs you’ll think we’re on the payroll of The Beach House as we rave about it in just about any BLOG we do where it gets a mention (we’re not btw) but in our opinion, it’s a great venue and one which has flexibility to accommodate such a variety of needs on a night out, be it to impress on a first date, out with the parents for a birthday, tea out with the kids, girls night out…. and that stretches to just any couples night out.

Food is top notch and the views of the sea and the tower are spectacular, at certain times of the year, the starling murmurations are a sight to behold and gathering more and more fame and popularity.

The Beach House is the place to be seen in Blackpool, (its the venue Charlotte Dawson picked for her engagement party…. you cant get a higher accolade that that can you?) ;-), beside the general cool and relaxed ambience, the venue also often hosts evenings with bands and singers on and although not easy on the pocket, is definitely one we’d class as up there as the best, if not the best Blackpool bar for couples nights out.

Bloom Bar.

Address: North Pier, FY1 1NE

Brewery: Independent

Web: http://blackpoolpiers.co.uk

Bloom Bar, North Pier.
Bloom Bar

Located at the end of North Pier, BLOOM Bar (used to be called the Carousel Bar) was revamped in 2020 and now boasts a ‘posh’ feel and has the perfect romanic backdrop of the tower and promenade. The bar itself is a large one and can accommodate a large number of people so there’s always a good chance of getting a seat. Being located opposite the Joe Longthorne Theatre, the bar is an ideal stop off before heading to watch a show or indeed, after.

The one drawback of the bar is that it doesn’t do food, which is a pity as we think a meal whilst listening to the waves crash underneath, watching the sunset in the newly named ‘Gardens’ (used to be the sunset lounge) or the comings and goings along the promenade would be ideal.

The venue does have a no children policy after 7pm so you can relax with your loved one without any semi feral kids distracting whilst you stare into each others eyes 🙂 …oh.. and before we forget to mention, the bar does also often have bands and singers on for entertainment.

Dirty Blondes

Address: 3 Back Church Street, Blackpool. FY1 1HP.

Brewery: Independent

Web: https://dirtyblondebars.co.uk

Dirty Blondes bar, Blackpool.
Dirty Blondes

Dirty Blondes has a bit of a ‘cult status’ amongst all Blackpool bars. A relative new comer to the Blackpool bar scene, it’s quickly built up a loyal following who flock in droves to the intimate venue to experience top notch cocktails, enormous pizzas all set with cool music (some live) and dim lights.

Why do we think this is one of the best ‘couples bars’? Well, the ambiance of the place is so relaxed, you instantly feel comfortable, the drinks on offer are quality and the clientele are a cool relaxed bunch…… what’s not to like? …and when you add on to this the recent addition of Paradise Coast (upstairs – cool cocktail bar) you even get the chance to ‘mix it up’ if on a first date with a change of scene, without leaving the building.


Address: 35 Market Street, Blackpool, FY1 1EX.

Brewery: Revolution Bars Group.

Web: https://www.revolution-bars.co.uk/bar/blackpool/

Revolution bar Blackpool

Revolution is a chain most of you will probably be aware of so doesn’t need much of explanation. Famed for it’s Cocktails (2 for 1 at certain times or with the Revolution card which you can buy behind the bar…. only need to buy a round or two to cover the cost of the card!!), Revolution is a decent bar for couples, groups and even families. Reasonably priced and a chilled out relaxed atmosphere, Revolution is one of our favourite Blackpool Bars for a ‘date night’. The food is fairly decent too (though if we’re honest, service can be inconsistent) and again, reasonably priced.

The venue is just near the tower in the spot where ‘Brannigans’ used to be if you remember that. The venue is a good size to accommodate you even at the busiest of times and it’s fantastic for doing a bit of ‘people watching’ either in the bar itself or along the prom if you can grab a window seat. The venue has a DJ on at weekends to help you let you hair down, defo one worth spending some time in…. especially if you like flavoured vodkas….. they have more than you can shake a stick at.

Thanks for reading, which bars have we missed? Where is your favourite venue for ‘date night’?

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