Stag and Hen pubs in Blackpool – 6 of the best!

Girls, just wanna have fun!!

Stag and hen pubs in recent times haven’t given Blackpool a great image, the council have made a concerted effort to discourage venues from targeting stag and hen parties to try and shake the negative image it associated with the town such as, discouraging couples and families from visiting and antagonising the local population.

The scene is still alive and kicking and whilst somewhat smaller than it was, there are still a lot of pubs very accommodating to stag and hen do and all the rowdiness that comes with them.

In this BLOG we highlight what we’d suggest as 6 of the best stag and hen friendly pubs in Blackpool, venues for ‘stero-typical’ stag and hen dos …….which we know aren’t everyone’s ‘send off’ cup of tea but you know the type we mean ๐Ÿ™‚

The Manchester Pub.

The Manchester Pub - Stag and hen
The Manchester – Manchester Square (on the promenade)

Website: The Manchester

Address: 231-233 Promenade, FY1 6AH

One of the most renowned party pubs in town is The Manchester located at Manchester Square (where Lytham Road meets the Promenade – between south and central piers).

The Manchester is fab for sports and more than tolerant of rowdy groups and at weekends has a DJ on to get the party feel going.

If you’re with family or after something a bit quieter, there is a family bar upstairs and in nice weather, a beer garden is located along the promenade side and front of the premises – great for people watching in the sun!

The pub is operated by Stonegate brewery who run a number of pubs in town and across the country (you’ve probably heard of Yates which is part of the chain).

The pub does do food and offers a decent wide ranging menu – we especially like the fact the do small plates and sharers which are good for groups to all tuck into together before a day on the vino!

In terms of drinks, they have a wide range of shots and bombs available and naturally, your usual suspects in terms of beers. The pub has an ordering app available to download, search ‘My Pub’ app to order and pay without heading to the bar.


Gaietys Karaoke Bar - stag and hen

Website: Gaietys

Address: 169 Promenade, FY1 5BQ

If you’re into Karaoke… or on a pub run with a group and want to peer pressure others into it…. you cant go far wrong with Gaietys. In terms of Karaoke bars, this is pretty big and mainly standing so ideal to pop in for a quick drink as you’re passing or as a group which struggles to get seated.

The venue is very tourist / party centred, closing outside of the tourist season and only opening Thursday through Sunday from 1pm so keep that in mind if you’re planning a visit.

The venue does accept bookings for parties and offers a variety of packages if you’re really into your Karaoke and want to make a day of it! Definitely one worth popping in to at least if you pass…. if only to have a laugh at some of the ‘singers’.

Stag Party dressed up
Blushing Bride?

Foxhall / The Reflex

The Foxhall Reflex - 80s music stag and hen pub
Foxhall / Reflex – Promenade

Website: Foxhall

Address: 193-197 Promenade, FY1 5DL

Just a few minutes up the road from the Manchester pub we mentioned earlier is a chain brand some of you many have come across before. The Reflex (aka The Foxhall) is an 80s themed party pub with regular DJ hosting the fun playing up beat music….. probably louder than they should ๐Ÿ˜‰

A very popular destination for anyone who is coming to Blackpool looking to party – be it stag and hens, lads and girls trips away or even just couple and singles who want to mingle.

Very accommodating of stag and hen do with security on the door at peak times to ensure safety…. and removal of those who have maybe had one too many.

The venue also hosts a number of big screens and a small beer garden on the promenade side. A nice feature of the venue is the big sliding windows at the front which let air into the venue and make it feel like you’re outside when its sunny (as opposed to those dark dingy venues you can find around town that make you feel blind when you step outside!!).

The pub is owned by Stonegate so you can also use here the MyPub app.


Shenanigan – Central Promenade

Website: unknown

Address: 98-100 Promenade, FY1 1HE

Located in a prime spot just north of the Tower, Shenanigans is a favourite for groups. Hosting live music and singers, it tries to stay true to its Irish Craic theme….there’s also a lap dancing bar above for any randy stags (or hens for that matter!). Price of drinks are a little on the expensive side, reiterating this as being one targeting groups of tourists who are on holiday, may not be as thrifty as they may otherwise.

The bar has a small outdoor area where you can sit and take in the sights and sounds of the promenade or soak up the sun and is just by Roberts Oyster bar for a quick seafood snack!

The venue is very accommodating of stag and hen do’s….. we even saw one group of stags get KFC delivered to the pub and sat round eating it…. not sure how often that happens though!

DJ’s, live singers and the fun atmosphere make this a firm favourite with anyone looking to party in the town.


Walkabout - stag and hen pub
Walkabout – Queens Street

Website: Walkabout

Address: 1-9 Queen Street, FY1 1NL

Ok.. probably not a revolutionary choice but a good solid venue for your stag and hen dos. Walkabout bars are located across the country so many of you reading will know what they’re all about.

Australian themed venue and this one is pretty big so can accommodate even the largest of groups.

For those who remember, the premises is where the original Funny Girls night club was located before it moved round the corner onto Dickson Road.

Big screens, decent food, dance floor, DJ and a great balcony for people watching all make it a great venue but if you add into that the fact its located on Queen Street, which hosts many bars and pubs for you to move around to, if you want to stay town centre or pick a meeting point, you can do much worse.

The Castle.

The Castle - stag and hen pubs
The Castle – Central drive

Website: The Castle

Address: 28-32 Central Drive, FY1 5PZ

Located just south of the Tower on Central Drive, The Castle is renowned as being a top destination for stag and hen dos.

It offers pretty much the standard things you’d expect, DJ (who can be a bit risquรฉ) and loud music on, big screens showing sports, dart board and a pole to dance around….. ok, maybe you wouldn’t expect the latter but it does get well used by tipsy tourists.

It’s a decent sized venue which rarely has children in it (though they are allowed until 9pm) so don’t worry took much about knocking one over when you race to the bar to get another round in!

Drinks wise…. all the usual suspect and probably worth noting, this place doesn’t do food (except for kids it would appear from the website)…… but being 2 minutes from Mc Donalds…. who cares? ๐Ÿ™‚

Your Favourite Stag and Hen pub?

These are just a few of the venues we’d suggest are the best stag and hen venues in town but to be honest, there are loads and we could probably cover about 20 pubs – all of which have their strengths and are perfectly decent venues and accommodating of groups.

Which would you suggest should have made the list?

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As ever, thanks for the support and reading.

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