5 Great Dog friendly Pubs.

Little Black Pug

Whilst once finding a dog friendly pub was quite a task, now a days hospitality has opened up to being more dog friendly and, whilst there are still a fair few establishments that have a strict ‘no dogs allowed’ policy, there area lot of gems tapping into the dog friendly market and some even offering free dog biscuits and water bowls for our K9 friends.

In this BLOG we call out some of the dog friendly establishments located in central Blackpool.

Little Black Pug.

Address: 13 Talbot Rd, Blackpool FY1 1LB

Web: Little Black Pug

Dog Friendly Blackpool
Little Black Pug – Dog Friendly

A lovely building located right next to the sacred heart church on Talbot Road, as the name suggests, the Little Black Pug bar welcomes dogs on the premises with open arms. The pub itself often has a DJ or northern soul on so may not be ideal if you’re dog isn’t into that kind of music 😉 but other times, it’s a great spot in the centre of town to stop for a drink.

Counting House.

Address: 10 Talbot Square, Blackpool FY1 1NG

Web: Counting House

Dog Friendly Blackpool
Counting House – Dig Friendly Pub

It’s a national chain but with it’s superb location opposite North Pier and with a nice outdoor seating area stretching round from Talbot Square along the promenade, on a sunny day, it’s an ideal place to park yourself, take in the sound of the sea and do a bit of people watching (lookout for the guy who walks around with a cat on his shoulder….. kid you not!!).

Dirty Blondes.

Address: 3 Back Church St, Blackpool FY1 1HP

Web: Dirty Blondes

Dog Friendly Blackpool
Dirty Blonds – Dog Friendly Venue

Small and shouty independent venue, famed for it’s pizzas and cocktails. Widely regarded as one of the coolest places to be seen in Blackpool, Dirty Blondes is an independent gem located just a stones throw from the Grand Theatre, serving up some of the best cocktails in town along with some of the biggest and best pizzas at very reasonable prices this is a venue you have to try with or without dog in tow.

Rose and Crown.

Address: 22 Corporation St, Blackpool FY1 1EJ

Web: Menu only!!

Dog Friendly Blackpool
Rose and Crown – Dog Friendly Pub

Another centrally based venue with a decent outdoor area, the Rose and Crown is an independently owned venue (owned by the same people who own the Brew Room and West Coast Rock Cafe – featured in our family friendly eating venue BLOG).

Hosting a great beer garden which usually even on the hottest days, has space, the venue also serves up great home cooked food that’s just that much better quality than you’d get for the ‘usual suspect’ chain pubs. (try the Sunday roast!!).

Scruffy Murphys.

Address: 32 Corporation St, Blackpool FY1 1EJ

Web: Bit out of date but recent reviews!!

Dog Friendly Blackpool
Scruffy Murphys – Dog Friendly

Scruffy Murphys, bang in the centre of town, has a very chilled feel to it. The venue offers a small beer garden out the front which can become quite the sun trap! The menu is raved about with some ‘proper’ food, such as Corned Beef Hash, Irish stew, Shepherds pie etc, you’d struggle to find in other town centre venues.

The venue often has a singer on weekend afternoons, bands on in an evening and regularly hosts karaoke. The pub itself isn’t the biggest you’d find in town, but we reckon that adds the intimate ‘Irish’ feel to the place.

To be honest, venues in Blackpool are becoming more and more dog friendly, it seems almost easier to find a dog friendly pub in the centre than ones which won’t accept them.

This list could easily have gone on to include a load more venues but to call out a couple we haven’t included, Number 15 Bonny Street is a massively dog welcoming venue and indeed, advertise themselves as such to attract the four legged friends. The Brew Room just up the Road from the Winter Gardens host real fires, and on a rainy day or in winter you can often venture in and find a sleeping dog being left to lie in front of the fire while the owner enjoys a real ale or two!

Where do you like to visit with your K9 for a cocktail?

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  1. The rose & crown pub isn’t dog friendly visited quite recently & got told they aren’t

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