Who are we?

We are a husband and wife team……. plus two children from Blackpool going back generations! (not to mentioned a few friends who contribute as and when too!). We’re all born and bred in Blackpool, or as locals call like to ourselves ‘sand grown uns’, we all went to school here (of course our two kids are still at school), have worked here and have the majority of our friends and family based in the resort so have a real interest in its success as a town and tourist destination – we’re not here just to regurgitate links from entertainment companies based in the resort, our priority is to showcase Blackpool in the best way we can and help give you a share of our local knowledge! We will be producing BLOGs and VLOGs sharing our view of the town and hopefully, some info you might find useful or even enjoy 🙂

We’ve experienced changes to the town, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful over the last few decades – if theres a place in Blackpool, the chances are, we’ve been to it and have some view…. and if not, we’ll have at least one friend who does!

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