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Buccaneer Blackpool – The number 1 best Sunday dinner in town?

(Note: this is an independent BLOG and not associated with Coral Island or paid for in anyway) In Blackpool its traditional to get ‘fish and chips’ on your holiday but everyone loves a good Sunday dinner don’t they? In this BLOG we decided to try out the Buccaneer Bar, part of the Coral Island complexContinue reading “Buccaneer Blackpool – The number 1 best Sunday dinner in town?”

Stag and Hen pubs in Blackpool – 6 of the best!

Stag and hen pubs in recent times haven’t given Blackpool a great image, the council have made a concerted effort to discourage venues from targeting stag and hen parties to try and shake the negative image it associated with the town such as, discouraging couples and families from visiting and antagonising the local population. TheContinue reading “Stag and Hen pubs in Blackpool – 6 of the best!”

5 Blackpool Top Tips

Be it social, be it financial be it….well…. something else, here are a few of our Blackpool top tips for a trip to Blackpool from a locals perspective…… Don’t buy anything that says ‘tourist offer’ Let’s face it, why would anyone want to exclude the permanent residents of the town in favour of the tourists?Continue reading “5 Blackpool Top Tips”

Pub crawl around South Shore Blackpool Backstreets (mainly)

Amongst other things Blackpool is famed for, it’s famed for its pubs and pub crawls! Blackpool has a massive variety, from your posh bars serving cocktails …..and clientele looking just as posh, through to your typical ‘spit and sawdust’ type bars frequented from first opening in the morning through to kicking out time at night,Continue reading “Pub crawl around South Shore Blackpool Backstreets (mainly)”

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