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A few Blackpool Top Tips

Be it social, be it financial be it….well…. something else, here are a few of our top tips for a trip to Blackpool from a locals perspective…… Don’t buy anything that says ‘tourist offer’ Let’s face it, why would anyone want to exclude the permanent residents of the town in favour of the tourists? (Ok,Continue reading “A few Blackpool Top Tips”

Stress free illuminations?

Is there such a thing?? The illuminations are very popular and get very busy, especially at weekend, we see every year cars coming off the motorway and heading into long queues of traffic just to get to the start of the illuminations ……never mind the 2 miles an hour you drive for along most ofContinue reading “Stress free illuminations?”

The Great Promenade Show

Welcome to our tour of the Great Promenade Show as of November 2020. In this article we will look to show you the installations (well, what’s left of them) along the Great Promenade Show and give you some brief views on them and a little history. We also have a VLOG covering this over onContinue reading “The Great Promenade Show”

Day tripper!

What to do on a day trip to Blackpool! Following a quick poll in the facebook group we have, we decided it might be useful to do a quick guide to a day trip to Blackpool and how you can ‘live your best life’ and get to see / experience the best things but takingContinue reading “Day tripper!”

Things a local wouldn’t do in Blackpool…… maybe 🙂

In this Blog we’ve gone a bit random and asked round a few friends what they think tourists do in Blackpool which they wouldn’t. We’re talking ‘in the main’ here, there will alway be exceptions to the rule but we think, the vast majority of people brought up in Blackpool, wouldn’t generally do most offContinue reading “Things a local wouldn’t do in Blackpool…… maybe :-)”

Off the beaten track…….

So, the phrase ‘Blackpool, more than just a front’ was the slogan the council used to advertise the town a good few years back and whilst is was more aimed at bringing to the town more business investment, is also stands true for the tourism industry. Think of things to do in Blackpool you thinkContinue reading “Off the beaten track…….”

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