North Pier

“A pier is a disappointed bridge; yet stare at it for long enough and you can dream it to the other side of the Channel”

Julian Barnes

North, Central, South….. everyone has their favourite pier in Blackpool….. don’t they? Well, maybe not but they do form such a fundamental role in the make up of the town, everyone has an affinity towards them. Our personal favourite is the North Pier…. partly because ‘Dad’ in his younger days worked in the bar at the end of the pier and had to walk up and down it soooooo many times over a year…. but also because its actually, just quite beautiful and true to its origins. Its fair to say it does need a bit of TLC now… but a lot of us can say that about ourselves if we’re honest 🙂

The Pier was built in the 1860 and is the longest of the three Blackpool piers, its a beautiful place to still, get a bit of calm and take in some sun and sea air. The pier houses bars for drinks and a cafe for some food but a lot of people will visit for the shows that are on in the Theatre at the end … which has houses some pretty big names!!

The pier has numerous signs along it to read about its history, lots of ‘fun facts’ so you can educate your self it its glorious history whilst enjoying the walk, sights and sounds! 🙂

Official link: The Piers

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