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Common bar and kitchen

Coolest joint in Blackpool? – Common Bar and Kitchen.

Web: Common Bar and Kitchen Addy: 12 Edward St. Blackpool FY1 1BH. Email: About the Common Bar and Kitchen. Common Bar and Kitchen, located on Edward Street, is one of the newest venues to hit the town. The venue, located just behind the old post office building is slightly off the main tourist dragContinue reading “Coolest joint in Blackpool? – Common Bar and Kitchen.”

Galleon Bar Blackpool

5 best Blackpool live music bars.

Enjoy a night (or day) in a pub listening to live music? Well, if in Blackpool, you’ve come to the right place, in this BLOG we call out some of the Blackpool pubs playing live music we love to visit playing live music in Blackpool. Most of the pubs we’ve covered are small independents soContinue reading “5 best Blackpool live music bars.”

Buccaneer Blackpool – The number 1 best Sunday dinner in town?

(Note: this is an independent BLOG and not associated with Coral Island or paid for in anyway) In Blackpool its traditional to get ‘fish and chips’ on your holiday but everyone loves a good Sunday dinner don’t they? In this BLOG we decided to try out the Buccaneer Bar, part of the Coral Island complexContinue reading “Buccaneer Blackpool – The number 1 best Sunday dinner in town?”

7 Great Pubs to Visit Whilst Holidaying in Blackpool

7 great Blackpool pubs! With summer in full swing and many of us opting to stay at home to get our dose of sun, sea and sand this year, there’s never been a better time to make the most of everywhere on the doorstep and celebrate the season with a drink in hand.  Whether you’reContinue reading “7 Great Pubs to Visit Whilst Holidaying in Blackpool”

Stag and Hen pubs in Blackpool – 6 of the best!

Stag and hen pubs in recent times haven’t given Blackpool a great image, the council have made a concerted effort to discourage venues from targeting stag and hen parties to try and shake the negative image it associated with the town such as, discouraging couples and families from visiting and antagonising the local population. TheContinue reading “Stag and Hen pubs in Blackpool – 6 of the best!”

5 Top ‘Couples’ Blackpool Bars.

Blackpool has oodles of ‘spit and sawdust’ type pubs stretching all the way from North Shore to South shore. In Blackpool, historically demand has been geared towards ‘cheap and cheerful’ pubs to cater for the stag and hen trade. These pubs have been more interested in volumes and keeping costs down rather than the qualityContinue reading “5 Top ‘Couples’ Blackpool Bars.”

The Best Blackpool Town Centre Pub Run? (Talbot/Topping Street)

Blackpool Town centre has a plethora of pubs to choose from to do a pub run, with the Town Centre being fairly small, there’s loads within easy walking distance of each other and a multitude of possible pub runs you could do (hence calling out the main roads hosting the pubs for this run). ForContinue reading “The Best Blackpool Town Centre Pub Run? (Talbot/Topping Street)”

The Bull Pub Blackpool

Pub crawl around South Shore Blackpool Backstreets (mainly)

Amongst other things Blackpool is famed for, it’s famed for its pubs and pub crawls! Blackpool has a massive variety, from your posh bars serving cocktails …..and clientele looking just as posh, through to your typical ‘spit and sawdust’ type bars frequented from first opening in the morning through to kicking out time at night,Continue reading “Pub crawl around South Shore Blackpool Backstreets (mainly)”

5 Top family friendly pubs in Blackpool

Blackpool has grown to be much more family focused in recent years, where as say 10+ years ago, families with children wouldn’t be allowed in any but a select couple of pubs away from the front, (….and to be fair, even if families were allowed in, you’d probably think twice whether to go in anyway),Continue reading “5 Top family friendly pubs in Blackpool”

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