The Blackpool Tower

“First one to see the Tower, gets a quid

Every parent taking kids to Blackpool, ever!

The Blackpool Tower is the icon of the town. Whilst originally, locals were sceptical about it being built and the impact it would have on the town, it is now almost universally loved by the towns resident and plays centre piece to the tourism industry in Blackpool.

The tower is not just a tower but an entire entertainments complex, hosting various sources of entertainment to keep families occupied whatever the age and whatever the weather

  • The Tower eye: Go up the tower and experience the amazing view and undertake the ‘walk of faith’ on the glass floor
  • The Tower Dungeon: Family fun with 10 shows, a ride, 360° sets, live actors and 1000 years of history…….. they say!
  • The Tower Ballroom: The world undisputed home of ballroom dancing….. also serves a cracking cuppa!
  • Fifth Floor: Bar with kids entertainment, arcades and rides. Let the kids run riot!

Tickets: You can get tickets for all ‘tower based’ activities here.

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