Buccaneer Blackpool – The number 1 best Sunday dinner in town?

Blackpool Buccaneer
The Buccaneer

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In Blackpool its traditional to get ‘fish and chips’ on your holiday but everyone loves a good Sunday dinner don’t they? In this BLOG we decided to try out the Buccaneer Bar, part of the Coral Island complex in central Blackpool (just a short hop south of the tower, you cant miss it) for our Sunday roast and weren’t disappointed.

Blackpool Sunday Dinner.

Now, normally when on the Sunday dinner hunt we tend to try heading out of town to a gastro pub for lunch (Message us if you want us to name a few favourites) but decided to have a change and see what the Buccaneer had to offer!

Being part of the coral island complex, aimed in the main at tourists, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a ‘buy it cheap, sell it fast, sell it expensive’ type of place but that honestly couldn’t be further for the truth.

The Sunday roast carvery itself is fabulous, (and indeed the menu they do as standard is pretty good and popular), they offer a choice of three meats (chose from or have a bit of all three) Beef (naturally), baked ham in a sweet glaze and roast turkey with a herb stuffing and like any self respecting carvery you can help yourself to the veg (The roast are a ‘must’ naturally), all of which comes with a rich homemade gravy.

Sunday Dinner - Coral Island
Carvery Display

Pricing in the Buccaneer is very competitive compare to local venues and when you take into account their offer of ‘kids eat free all day everyday’ (under 10s with any paying adult) it does add up to some remarkable value. The roast per adult is just shy of a tenner so if you have two kids under that age, you can feed a family of 4 for a little more than getting everyone big mac meals! (McDonalds is pretty close by btw 😉

The Buccaneer Bar / Restaurant Area.

The venue itself is great for the family (though it does have an over 18s section to watch sport / whatever on to get a bit of ‘alone time’ if required 😉 The decor is all pirate themed and you can often find Jack Sparrow loitering outside, sometime dispensing gold coins (chocolate ones unfortunately).

Theres loads for the kids to stare at in amazement and wonder with the decor and due to the contrast with the flashing lights and noise from the arcade, feels like you’re in another world.

Blackpool Buccaneer

The bar restaurant also has an ‘outdoor / indoor’ seating area, a great place to sit with a drink whist you watch the kids (or other half) run riot spending pennies on the various pushers and games on offer in the complex. A couple of quid goes a long way on 2p pushers and they are addictive ….that said…. watch out for the camel derby, not cheap at a quid a pop but our kids cant seem to get enough!

A load of the games you play on, like many arcades, provide tickets in return for playing them, if you make a couple of trips to Blackpool each year, its worth keeping hold of them to big up to a bigger prize!

Outdoor / indoor seating area

The Buccaneer serves their Sunday lunch menu from 12:00 noon every Sunday, get yourself down and tell us what you think.

Where is your ‘go to’ place for a good Sunday dinner?

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